About Minerva Knitwear S.A.

Company Description

MINERVA's strategy, as determined and agreed by the management of the company, has as follows: "MINERVA is a dynamic company that through its products and services, aims to meet its customers needs, while ensuring the best return of capital".

Our Products: men’s, women’s and children’s underwear, men’s, women’s and children’s sleep body-suits-pyjamas (summer and winter), Home-wear clothes for the winter, beachwear and swimwear for the summer, blouses, T-Shirts, teenage and Unisex, women's Body-souits and brasserieres, women's Lingerie.

The products we make, from fabrics to final products, are submitted in quality controls in every stage of the production process.

The Quality control department applies all procedures according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 which has been certified to our company since 2003.

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Fragon Str. 13, 54626 Thessaloniki – Greece

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April 20, 1995

Stock exchange(s)

Athens Stock Exchange



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