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We are a leading company in the execution of big projects in the metallic constructions sector, naval industry and renewables. We integrate in our culture the values and commitments with our employees, partners and clients.

Today, the Group works in the areas of Metallic Constructions, Naval Industry and Renewables & Energy.

Metallic Constructions
Martifer Metallic Constructions is a globally recognised player in the sector. It provides global and innovative engineering solutions in the segments of metallic constructions, aluminium and glass façades, and oil & gas.

Naval Industry
With two shipyards in Portugal, with the capacity to repair, retrofit and build medium and large-sized vessels, the naval area already has a portfolio of reference.

Renewables & Energy
Martifer Renewables & Energy acts and positions itself as a developer of renewable energies in the ‘wind and solar segment’, mainly focused on developing wind and PV solar projec

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July 6, 2007

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Euronext Lissabon



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