About Makpetrol AD

Company Description

With a total of 126 stations with a modern offer of products and services, Makpetrol AD has the largest network of gas stations in the Republic of North Macedonia. In addition, numerous business clients, fleet operators, freight forwarding and transport companies, both Macedonian airports and industrial entities with various activities have confidence in the products and service activities of our company.

Since its foundation, for more than seven decades, Makpetrol AD has been a leader in the application of novelties in motor fuels, in the improvement of the quality of its products, as well as in the introduction of alternative motor fuels that contribute to greater environmental protection. In this way, in all these years we have managed to maintain the leadership position in the distribution and trade of petroleum products in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Year founded


Served area

North Macedonia

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Jan. 1, 2000

Stock exchange(s)

Macedonian Stock Exchange



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