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About Elinoil Hellenic Petroleum Company S.A.

Company Description

ELINOIL was established in 1954 and is today one of the most dynamic energy groups in Greece, with a nationwide network of 620 petrol stations.

At the same time, for decades we have been a lead supplier of fuel and lubricant to industrial plants.

We are also involved in major investments in all marinas nationwide, supplying fuel for pleasure craft and lubricants to sea-going vessels.

Through our dedicated fleet of privately-owned tankers we also supply heating oil to a large number of homes and buildings.

Over recent years, ELINOIL has been intensifying its exports, selling petroleum products on 4 continents, and is today one of the largest exporters in Greece.

It is preparing well in advance for the immense changes coming in the energy sector, and is taking very dynamic steps to grow sales in the electricity and natural gas market.

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March 10, 2004

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Athens Stock Exchange



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