About Logistea

Company Description

Logistea is a real estate company in warehousing, logistics and light industry, with the vision of being the natural partner for companies that demand modern sustainable premises in this segment. Demand for warehousing and logistics premises is significant and Logistea’s growth has been strong since the first property was acquired at the end of 2019.

Market niche with high demand
Logistea operates in a niche with increasing demand, partly as a result of the ongoing transformation in the trade, where access to efficient warehousing and logistics management is becoming increasingly important Logistea’s customers include well-known expansive e-commerce companies, which place demands on modern warehousing and logistics solutions located in the best logistics locations in Sweden.


Ingmar Bergmans gata 4, 11434 Stockholm – Sweden

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Jan. 1, 2000

Stock exchange(s)

Nasdaq Stockholm



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