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Lark Europe SA is a leading distributor of consumer electronics and a manufacturer of popular car navigation systems. The company has been operating since 2001. Originally, the company represented European and global brands from the photographic and electronic industries on the Polish market, providing them with comprehensive marketing and distribution services. In 2004, it started the production and distribution of electronic equipment under its own brand. Currently, the company's offer includes GPS navigation devices, PC tablets, portable audio and video equipment, DVD players, DVB-T tuners and others. Thanks to its high-quality products, it is a market leader in many of these categories. This applies to e.g. tablet PCs, Lark - as the first Polish manufacturer - introduced tablets with a module for receiving DVB-T terrestrial television and a GPS receiver.

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Polna 42/2, 00-635 Warszawa – Poland

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Jan. 1, 1996

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Warsaw Stock Exchange



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