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Krukivsky Carriage Works, or Kriukiv Railway Car Manufacturing Plant (KVBZ), is a large industrial company in Kremenchuk , Ukraine, that specializes in the manufacturing of locomotives, multiple unit trains, passenger coaches, metro cars, and military vehicles. The company has a long history, with the foundation for its first building laid in 1869. Over the years, it has become a significant player in the Ukrainian railway industry and has supplied its products to both domestic and international markets.

Krukivsky Carriage Works has a diverse range of railway products. Its passenger products include the high-speed interregional trains EKr-1 Tarpan, DPKr-2, and DPKr-3, as well as passenger coaches 779 and 788 series. The companyโ€™s metro car products include the front metro car mod. In addition to these products, Krukivsky Carriage Works also manufactures military vehicles such as the I-52 mine layer.

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Str. I. Prikhodka, 139, 39621 Kremenchuk โ€“ Ukraine

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March 26, 2009

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Ukrainian Stock Exchange



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