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ISIN: HRJDTCRA0004 | Ticker: JDTC | LEI: 7478000040GH2T3F4646
Country: Croatia

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Company Description

The Jadran socks factory is a leader in the manufacture and sale of women's, men's and children's socks in the region.

The factory was founded in Zagreb in 1930 under the name of Silk Socks Factory. At the end of 1941, the socks factory changed its name to Jadran, which it still proudly wears today.

In 1994, Jadran was privatized and transformed into a public limited company.

The factory's annual output is 16 million pairs of socks. 70% of the factory's capacity is occupied with the production of classic women's and fashion programs, while the remaining capacities are occupied with the production of men's and children's programs.

On the regional market and the demanding EU market, Jadran brand products are offered in the largest retail chains and in a wide network of own stores.

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Vinka Žganeca 2, 10000 Zagreb – Croatia

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