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ISIN: FR0000072597 | Ticker: ALITL
Country: France

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We are convinced that connected systems must contribute to meeting the great challenges of our society and have a positive impact on the world.

Today, the era of “all-connected” has firmly established itself in our personal and professional lives. At IT Link, it has been 35 years since we bet on connecting technologies, objects and people to optimize organisations, drive innovation and accelerate business.

We support our clients in their innovation and transformation projects , from the sensor to the business application. To build these successes, we combine the most sought-after technical skills with the most creative digital minds.

Grow with our employees, be the catalyst for your projects, your success. More than an ambition, it is the IT Link DNA.

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67 Avenue de Fontainebleau, 94270 LeKremlin-Bicêtre – France

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