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About International Consolidated Airlines Group. S.A.

Company Description

International Airlines Group (IAG) is one of the world's largest airline groups, with a fleet of 531 aircraft. Before the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic it operated to 279 destinations and carried around 118 million passengers each year. It is a Spanish registered company with shares traded on the London Stock Exchange and Spanish Stock Exchanges.

IAG combines leading airlines in Ireland, Spain and the UK, enabling them to enhance their presence in the aviation market while retaining their individual brand’s operations.

IAG is the parent company of the Group and actively engages and works collaboratively with its portfolio of operating companies to drive synergies and maximise performance. Its independence from the operating companies allows for objective, flexible and rapid decision-making and enables IAG to implement the strategy to deliver the long-term vision for the Group.

Year founded


Served area





CL Camino de la Munoza, 28042 Madrid – Spain


Shareholder information

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Feb. 11, 1987

Stock exchange(s)

Bolsa de Madrid



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