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INTERBUD-LUBLIN S.A. is a modern, with rich traditions and many years of experience, development company operating in the Lublin province. It is also a company that knows and realizes the expectations of its customers.

The foundation of our business is residential real estate for sale. We provide not only living comfort, but also financial security. The residential buildings we offer are an enclave of modernity and convenience, they are also the perfect answer to the needs of the modern man, who values peace, quiet, his own space and extraordinary comfort. Therefore, taking care of the satisfaction of each customer, we offer apartments and houses of varying square meters and layouts.

We believe that the properties we offer for sale will contribute to improving the quality of your daily life. We also make every effort to ensure that the sales carried out by our company are always associated with professionalism and service at the highest level.

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Racławickie 8/39, 20-037 Lublin – Poland

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Nov. 1, 2010

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Warsaw Stock Exchange

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