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Created in 1923 from a traditional wooden carpentry workshop created by Alfred OLLIER, our company has developed and diversified over the decades and with the various teams that have animated it, while preserving its roots as a family and craft company. Today, the various activities that make up the group operate on the market of aluminium profiles and accessories for the building finishing industry.

The INSTALLUX Group’s strategy is based on three fundamental principles: the use of a material, aluminium, the distribution of products by a circuit of professionals (metalworkers, locksmiths, mirrors, storages, interior designers, partitioners, wholesalers…) and the positioning on a niche market (diffusion) rather than on volume.

We are present in three distinct but complementary sectors of activity: building and home improvement (INSTALLUX ALUMINIUM), tertiary and commercial space development (SOFADI-TIASO), industry (IES and FAC).

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Chemin du Bois Rond, 69720 Saint-Bonnet-de-Mure – France

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Dec. 15, 2000

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Euronext Paris



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