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Company Description

INARCTICA PJSC is a Russian company that specializes in the transportation of goods by sea in the Arctic region. The company was founded in 2014 and has since grown to become a key player in the shipping industry in the Arctic. INARCTICA PJSC operates a fleet of ice-class vessels that are specially designed to navigate through ice and harsh weather conditions.

The company is committed to ensuring safe and efficient transportation of goods in the Arctic region while minimizing its impact on the environment. INARCTICA PJSC strictly adheres to international safety and environmental regulations, and continually invests in innovative technologies and solutions to improve its performance and reduce its carbon footprint.

INARCTICA PJSC offers a range of services, including cargo transportation, logistics, and icebreaker assistance. Its clients include major oil and gas companies, mining companies, and government agencies, among others.


Belovezhskaya str., 4, 121353 Moscow  – Russia

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