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IAR S.A. Brasov is a leading Romanian aerospace company with a proud history of aircraft production stretching back beyond 1952 to the early days of aviation.
In 1970, IAR S.A. becomes the only manufacturer of civil and military helicopters in Romania, and as of 1978, it remains the world’s only manufacturer of the military version of the PUMA helicopter.

IAR S.A. produced and delivered over 360 Alouette III and Puma helicopters under Aerospatiale license (nowadays Airbus Helicopters, a member of the Airbus Group), 830gliders and motor-gliders and 136 light aircraft in its own conception.

IAR S.A. owns full capacities, experience and certifications to develop and manufacture aeronautical products.

Now, IAR S.A. Brașov is a MRO specialized unit for Puma and Alouette III helicopters.

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Dec. 4, 1996

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Bucharest Stock Exchange



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