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Hepsor โ€“ 11 years of excellence in residential and commercial environments, green thinking, innovation, and modern architecture. We are one of the biggest and fast-growing property developers in Estonia, and we have been moving in the same direction in Latvia for five years. We are not developing square meters but creating homes for people and companies.

As the first developers in the Baltic states, we have implemented many innovative engineering and technical solutions, making the buildings we construct more energy-efficient and thus more environmentally friendly. Green thinking and innovation are crucial and natural elements of our work.

We cooperate with the best architects and engineers to create distinctive buildings and urban spaces. We are not merely creating apartments or commercial areas but also homes for people and companies. We invest in the environment around our buildings.

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Jรคrvevana 7b, 10112 Tallinn โ€“ Estonia

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Nov. 26, 2021

Stock exchange(s)

Nasdaq Baltic



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