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Grifal S.p.A. is a technology company, active since 1969 in the industrial packaging market, that designs and produces high-performance and eco-sustainable packaging.

Thanks to constant investments in R&D, dedicated both to products and to patented and in-house production processes, Grifal has enriched its offer over the years with innovative technologies and products, including cArtù® and cushionPaper™, revolutionary corrugated cartons - made with paper from sustainably managed forests - capable of replacing plastics for packaging.

Grifal is also active in the design and production of corrugating machines. The company also has an in-house ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) Certified Test Laboratory, where endurance and climate tests are carried out according to international standards including those defined by Amazon. The e-commerce giant has in fact included Grifal in its global network of certified suppliers: APASS Network.

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Via XXIV Maggio 1, 24055 Cologno al Serio – Italy

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Borsa Italiana



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