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FIMBank p.l.c. is a leading provider of trade finance, factoring and forfaiting solutions, with a global presence in various important financial and trading centres. FIMBank is a customer-driven provider focused on optimising business performance and supporting business growth by developing tailor-made trade finance solutions that provide exporters with accelerated receivables and importers with extended credit. The Bank is at the forefront of introducing and developing innovative receivable finance techniques in emerging markets.

The FIMBank Group has successfully made its mark on the international factoring sector by building an international factoring network which offers a comprehensive range of factoring solutions. Today, FIMBank’s international factoring network consists of Egypt Factors in Egypt, India Factoring in India and
BrasilFactors in Brazil. The Bank’s Med Factors in Malta offers a comprehensive range of factoring services.

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The Exchange Financial & Business Centre, Elia Zammit Street, STJ 3155 St. Julian's – Malta

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Malta Stock Exchange



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