About ESG Core Investments B.V.

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We are set-up to unlock a unique investment opportunity in Europe within industries that benefit from strong ESG profiles.

Proven track-record of successful ESG investments: Infestos, the sponsor of ESG Core Investments, has a proven track-record of realizing strong returns in important ESG sectors such as clean water and the energy transition. We focus on companies with a strong competitive position or unique technology, and support them in the transition from private to public markets and further value creation.

Unique access to off-market ESG opportunities: We are well-positioned to identify and access attractive off-market ESG transactions, based on the track-record and reputation of Infestos, the sponsor of ESG Core Investments, in relevant ESG markets through for example NX Filtration, providing nanotechnology for producing pure and affordable water, and Alfen, providing smart energy solutions.

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Feb. 12, 2021

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Euronext Amsterdam



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