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As an independent and globally positioned supplier, the ElringKlinger Group is a powerful and reliable partner to the automotive industry. Be it car or commercial vehicle, be it electric motor, hybrid technology, or optimized combustion engine – we offer innovative solutions for all types of drive system in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In doing so, we are making a committed contribution to sustainable mobility.

Our lightweighting concepts help to reduce the overall weight of vehicles. As a result, vehicles powered by diesel or gasoline engines consume less fuel and emit less CO2, while electric trucks and cars benefit from an extended range. Developing cutting-edge battery and fuel cell technology as well as electric drive units, we were among the frontrunners when it came to positioning ourselves as a specialist in the field of e-mobility.

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Max-Eyth-Straße 2, 72581 Dettingen / Erms – Germany


Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume Average price
05.04.22 Wolf, Dr. Stefan Board Other 756,360.00 € 05.04.22
05.04.22 Becker, Theo Board Other 352,938.00 € 05.04.22
05.04.22 Drews, Reiner Board Other 378,180.00 € 05.04.22
05.04.22 Jessulat, Thomas Board Other 379.56 € 05.04.22
23.12.21 Lorenz-Meyer, Robert Supervisory board Sell 52,039.10 € 23.12.21
22.12.21 Jessulat, Thomas Board Other 82,579.75 € 22.12.21
22.12.21 Wolf, Dr. Stefan Board Other 165,158.67 € 22.12.21
22.12.21 Becker, Theo Board Other 76,917.75 € 22.12.21
22.12.21 Drews, Reiner Board Other 82,577.75 € 22.12.21
22.12.21 Pierer Industrie AG Close relation Other 95,817.00 € 22.12.21
05.08.21 Eberhardt, Klaus Supervisory board Buy 51,261.56 € 05.08.21
05.08.21 Carpio GmbH Close relation Buy 167,988.80 € 05.08.21
05.08.21 Schmitt, Martin Board Sell 1,496.00 € 05.08.21

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Jan. 21, 2002

Stock exchange(s)

Berlin Stock Exchange, Düsseldorf Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Hamburg Stock Exchange, Munich Stock Exchange, Stuttgart Stock Exchange



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