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ISIN: SE0013747870 | Ticker: EPRO | LEI: 254900CNZX4X1K2TJO37
Country: Sweden

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Electrolux Professional is the OnE trusted partner making your work-life easier, more profitable – and truly sustainable every day.

Whatever your business is, we will turn it into the most sustainable experiences – in Food, Beverage and Laundry over a lifetime. With sustainability at heart, we aim at making your work-life more effortless, empowering and enriching.

Leading the way in designing full and integrated solutions that are easy to use, maintain and service, productive and reliable. Via OnE unique interface, we are creating the ultimate business value for you.

Electrolux Professional is aimed at increasing customers’ business value through a unique interface for their entire operations by using connected and synchronized products and services.

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Franzéngatan 6, 11251 Stockholm – Sweden

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Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume
01.11.22 Isabell Nord Other Buy SEK 1,100.00
25.05.22 Torsten Urban Other Sell SEK 312,897.90
03.03.22 Lorna Donatone Other Buy USD 48,310.83
06.12.21 Katharine Clark Other Buy SEK 539,002.65
06.12.21 Martine Snels Other Buy SEK 427,350.00
18.11.21 Carlo Mario Caroni Other Sell SEK 721,581.33
28.10.21 Pia Hovland Other Buy SEK 137,300.00
28.10.21 Carsten Voigtlaender Other Buy EUR 34,792.50
08.02.21 Carolina Tendorf Other Buy SEK 94,980.00
04.02.21 Bengt Daniel Nodhäll Other Buy SEK 190,800.00

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Industrial Machinery & Supplies & Components

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Nasdaq Stockholm

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