About Eidesvik Offshore

Company Description

Eidesvik Offshore ASA owns and operates a world-wide fleet of purpose-built vessels, providing services to the offshore supply, subsea, offshore wind, and seismic markets.

Our dedicated crews at sea and on land take great pride in delivering efficient high-quality seamanship, services, and operations to our clients. For decades Eidesvik has also had a clear vision of using as little fossil fuel as possible to minimise our emissions – resulting in a strong reputation as a pioneer in implementing new environmental technologies in both newbuilds and existing fleet.

Eidesvik’s headquarters is located at Bømlo, between the cities of Haugesund and Bergen on the Norwegian west coast.

Year founded


Served area


Shareholder information

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June 1, 2005

Stock exchange(s)

Euronext Oslo



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