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ISIN: PLDBENR00017 | Ticker: DBE | LEI: 9845008636C4DE89FC65
Sector: UtilitiesSub-Industry: Renewable Electricity
Country: Poland

About DB Energy S.A.

Company Description

DB Energy S.A. is a global energy company that specializes in renewable energy solutions. Headquartered in Switzerland, the company has a strong presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and is rapidly expanding its operations on a global level. DB Energy S.A. has a mission to create a sustainable energy future by providing innovative clean energy solutions that are both affordable and reliable. The company offers a range of products and services that include solar panels, wind turbines, energy storage systems, and smart energy management systems. They also provide consulting and financing services to help businesses and organizations transition to renewable energy sources. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, DB Energy S.A. is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a cleaner, more sustainable world for future generations.

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Al. Armii Krajowej 45, 50-541 Wroclaw – Poland

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