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Country: Sweden

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Established in Dalarna, Sweden, CTEK is the leading global brand in vehicle charging solutions.

CTEK offers products ranging from 12V and 24V battery chargers to charging solutions for electrical vehicles. CTEK’s E-mobility solutions range from individual EV chargers to larger corporate and commercial installations with multiple charging stations, that require load balancing and integrate seamlessly with monitoring and payment equipment.

CTEK’s products are sold via a carefully selected network of global distributors and retailers: as original equipment; supplied to more than 50 of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers; and through charge point operators, property owners and other organisations/individuals providing EV charging infrastructure.

CTEK takes pride in its unique culture based on a passion for innovation and a deep commitment to supporting the transition to a greener mobility, by adhering to industry leading ESG standards.

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Rostugnsvägen 3, 77670 Vikmanshyttan – Sweden

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Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume
24.10.23 Hanna Forsberg Other Sell SEK 854.55
30.03.23 Daniel Forsberg Other Other SEK 3,500.00
24.03.23 Eva Martinsson Other Buy SEK 63,243.20
06.03.23 Thom Mathisen Other Buy SEK 101,632.00
12.05.22 Hans Stråberg Other Other SEK 9,732,923.40
12.05.22 Jon Lind Other Other SEK 7,925,194.50
12.05.22 Ola Carlsson Other Other SEK 3,244,250.70
12.05.22 Stig Mathisen Other Other SEK 635,779.95
12.05.22 Henk Lubberts Other Other SEK 477,498.75
12.05.22 Mats Lind Other Other SEK 324,356.55

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