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ISIN: IT0005105868 | Ticker: COV | LEI: 8156008CA0FBB2B15419
Country: Italy

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We were born and raised in Turin.
Our story is a three-generation story rooted in the creative and entrepreneurial passion of this city, which embodies our philosophy and is at the heart of all our creations.
And we are so connected to Turin that we have made it our name and the image of our brand: It is the curves and lines of the brand that we stamp on our products, a subtle homage to the columns and arcades that line the streets of Turin the city.
Strengthened by our roots and our spirit of initiative, we have fundamentally evolved over the years, taking our brands around the world to the point where they have conquered an international dimension and identity.
Today, with the PT Torino and PT Torino Denims brands, we are present in around 40 countries.
Our products are widely recognized as expressing an iconic and innovative style.

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Via Turin 25, 10044 Piazza – Italy

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