About Comelf S.A.

Company Description

Comelf SA provides industrial components, carbon and stainless steel products. The Company offers debiting, cold plastic deformations, welding, mechanical processing, and surface protection equipments. Comelf serves customers in Romania.

- Fully comply with all the requirements and expectations of our clients by offering products and services to the highest quality standards.
- Ensuring a favorable position for COMELF on the marketplace, in terms of the quality of products manufactured.
- Getting and strengthening for COMELF the permanent status of approved supplier both for major companies producing equipment/tools for power engineering industry, as well as for the main companies producing earth-moving machines, which are active on the European and world market.
- Business flexibility in addressing the manufacturing of "turn-key" products and services for new areas of top interest.

Year founded


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Nov. 20, 1995

Stock exchange(s)

Bucharest Stock Exchange



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