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ISIN: CY0005770710 | Ticker: CLL | LEI: 21380045SZ5TC6QV4H71
Country: Cyprus

About CLR Investment Fund Public LTD

Company Description

Clr Investment Fund Public Ltd is a Cyprus-based investment company. Its main activity is the investment in securities of companies listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. The Company is also active in venture capital projects. Its main subsidiary is Europrofit Capital Investors Public Ltd, which is a listed closed-end investment fund.

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Leoforos Archiepiskopou Makariou 50, 1065 Nicosia – Cyprus

Financial statements

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Line item in (eur) 01.01.2020 01.01.2021 01.01.2022
Assets N/A 3,788,418.00 3,247,880.00
Trade And Other Current Receivables N/A 10.00 591.00
Cash and cash equivalents N/A 1,568,514.00 1,460,142.00
Equity And Liabilities N/A 3,788,418.00 3,247,880.00
Equity 2,528,411.00 2,986,220.00 2,424,570.00
Issued Capital N/A 8,644,229.00 8,644,229.00
Retained Earnings N/A -5,658,009.00 -6,219,659.00
Liabilities N/A 802,198.00 823,310.00
Trade And Other Current Payables N/A 53,138.00 73,967.00
Line item in (eur) 01.01.2020/
Revenue 643,619.00 -351,274.00
Revenue From Interest 27.00 0.00
Impairment Loss Reversal Of Impairment Loss Recognised In Profit Or Loss 0.00 12,571.00
Impairment Loss Reversal Of Impairment Loss Recognised In Profit Or Loss 0.00 12,571.00
Profit Loss From Operating Activities 498,240.00 -521,622.00
Finance Costs 40,423.00 40,028.00
Profit Loss Before Tax 457,817.00 -561,650.00
Income Tax Expense Continuing Operations 8.00 0.00
Profit (loss) 457,809.00 -561,650.00
Line item in (eur) 01.01.2021 01.01.2022
Profit (loss) 457,809.00 -561,650.00
Cash Flows From Used In Operations -141,996.00 -56,058.00
Interest Received Classified As Operating Activities 27.00 0.00
Income Taxes Paid Refund Classified As Operating Activities 8.00 0.00
Cash Flows From Used In Operating Activities -141,977.00 -56,058.00
Cash Flows From Used In Investing Activities 0.00 0.00
Interest Paid Classified As Financing Activities 40,423.00 40,028.00
Cash Flows From Used In Financing Activities -40,423.00 -40,028.00
Increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents after effect of exchange rate changes -182,400.00 -96,086.00
Cash and cash equivalents 1,568,514.00 1,460,142.00

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