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Established in 1962 by Camillo Caleffi , the Company is specialized in manufacturing and marketing luxurytextile items for the household. Caleffi collections stand out for the fine design and preciousness of fabricsthat allow the Company to position itself in the medium-high segment of the market. Caleffi products areincreasingly regarded as representative of a new way of living home and free time. Creativity, innovation,di erentiation of lines by market and consumer segments make Cale an important brand in the world of Home Fashion. The recent acquisition of 100% of Carrara, following that of Mirabello Spa, represents a further and important development of the Gruppo Caleffi strategic project, aimed at defending the Luxury segment and accelerating the expansion policy of the brand in foreign markets. This is business progress and history have written the evolution of “household linen” products: from the original concept of decoration,traditionally classic and immutable, to the conce

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Via Belfiore 24, 46019 Viadana – Italy

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Jan. 1, 2000

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Borsa Italiana



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