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ISIN: GRS368313003 | Ticker: BYTE | LEI: 2138004SIJVOYMW8IZ48

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Company Description

Byte was founded in 1983 and it soon developed into one of the most important and biggest companies providing comprehensive IT and communications solutions in Greece. Its leading position in the Greek market today is the result of continuous investments in cutting-edge technologies and specialized human resources, in combination with powerful strategic partnerships with leading international organizations. As a result, Byte can provide its customers with access to high-quality, leading products, technologies and services.

According to its strategic development plan, Byte participates in companies with similar or supplementing business activities, in order to create a group of companies that will provide the most comprehensive and effective customer service in Greece and abroad.

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98 Kallirrois & Trivoli Str., 11741 Athens – Greece

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Feb. 1, 2000

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Athens Stock Exchange



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