About Bulgarian Receivables Fund SPE

Company Description

"Bulgarian Receivables Fund" REIT /BVF/ is a joint stock company with a special investment purpose to securitize receivables, established in 2017 and registered in the Commercial Register of the Registrar under EIC 204909069.

BFV is a public joint stock company registered with the Financial Supervision Commission, authorized by Resolution No. 604 -DSIT/14.06.2018.Its shares are traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD. The ticker symbol of the company is BRF.

REIT "Bulgarian Receivables Fund" operates in the non-banking financial sector and is used for intra-group financing through the creation of receivables, assignment of receivables, issuance of promissory bills, etc.

Year founded


Served area



58 Balgariq Blvd., entr.C, floor 7, office 24, 1680 Sofia – Bulgaria

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Nov. 2, 2018

Stock exchange(s)

Bulgarian Stock Exchange



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