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Budapesti Ingatlan Nyrt. (Budapest Real Estate Plc, SZIT/REIT[1], hereinafter referred to as BIF Plc) has been an important player on the Budapest real estate market since 1995. BIF Plc [ASMU1] was among the first companies in Central and Eastern Europe to obtain the status of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). The Company has been listed in the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) since 1998, and its shares have been traded in the premium category of the market since October 2018. In the past two decades, BIF Plc. has achieved a fundamental position among the local real estate developers and today the Company owns and operates a significant asset portfolio, consisting of unique and strategically positioned buildings, focusing on its target market. The strategy of the Company is to develop, manage and operate its core real estate portfolio, while it explores the maximum business potential and maintains efficient and sustainable operations.

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Polgรกr utca 8-10, 1033 Budapest โ€“ Hungary

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Feb. 16, 1998

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Budapest Stock Exchange

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