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ISIN: SE0005731833 | Ticker: BRAIN | LEI: 549300TS1MVR250KBU26
Sector: Health CareSub-Industry: Health Care Equipment
Country: Sweden

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BrainCool AB is a medical technology company based in Lund, Sweden that focuses on developing innovative products for targeted temperature management. They aim to improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of complications related to conditions such as cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and fever. BrainCool AB's flagship product, the Cooral System, is a non-invasive cooling device that can be used to lower the body temperature of patients in a controlled manner. The device is easy to use, portable, and can be used in various healthcare settings. BrainCool AB is committed to advancing the field of temperature management and improving patient care.

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C/O Medicon Village, 223 81 Lund – Sweden

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Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume
29.02.24 Lotta Valfridsson Other Buy SEK 32,640.00
04.09.23 Martin Waleij Other Sell SEK 1,544,868.54
04.09.23 Martin Waleij Other Sell EUR 62,400.00
04.09.23 Martin Waleij Other Buy SEK 62,400.00
01.09.23 Martin Waleij Other Other SEK 91,302.18
31.08.23 Martin Waleij Other Sell SEK 2,659,874.82
31.05.23 Lotta Valfridsson Other Buy SEK 17,399.10
31.05.23 Lotta Valfridsson Other Buy SEK 12,059.88
09.11.22 Martin Waleij Other Buy SEK 1,453,358.75
03.11.22 Roger Henriksson Other Other SEK 35,396.25

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Health Care Equipment

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