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ISIN: FR0000054421 | Ticker: ALBOU | LEI: 9695003D0XVFSWYN0M16
Country: France

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Bourrelier Group, is a family business founded in 1975 by Jean-Claude Bourrelier. Since 1996, we have been listed on Euronext Growth.
In Belgium, we operate 38 branches of GAMMA and employ some 550 people. In the Netherlands, we operate GAMMA and KARWEI and have a total of 32 branches in our portfolio. This means about 1000 employees are employed by us. In both countries, the shops are spread throughout the country. This makes us the largest franchisee of Intergamma.

In 2020, the group made two major investments in order to diversify its activities. The group now owns the majority share in Pierre Properties Retailers. In addition, we also invested in MAVIC, which specialises in bicycles.

At Bourrelier Group, we work with ambition and passion. We always want to be the best.

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5 Rue Jean Monnet, 94130 Nogent-sur-Marne – France

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