ISIN: FR0000062150 | Ticker: BLEE | LEI: 969500NWS9YHZ8AW0B54
Country: France


Company Description

Bleecker is a property company specialized in real estate, which has developed on the industrial premises, offices and logistics platforms market. On August 31th, 2021 Bleecker’s assets were valued at EUR 707 millions (total share). The group’s various hubs supported by a multidisciplinary team are responsible for valuing, developing and managing the assets.

Bleecker leads, co-ordinates, administers and manages its subsidiaries and sub-subsidiaries.

Bleecker is a major player in the real estate sector and has SIIC status (French listed property investment company)

Served area



39 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris – France

Financial statements

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Line item in (eur) 01.09.2020 01.09.2021 01.09.2022
Assets N/A 732,379,000.00 745,642,000.00
Noncurrent Assets N/A 708,442,000.00 724,023,000.00
Investment Property N/A 703,000,000.00 719,400,000.00
Intangible Assets Other Than Goodwill N/A 3,000,000.00 3,000,000.00
Other Noncurrent Assets N/A 2,442,000.00 1,623,000.00
Current Assets N/A 23,937,000.00 21,619,000.00
Current Trade Receivables N/A 8,150,000.00 14,048,000.00
Current Prepayments N/A 1,250,000.00 621,000.00
Other Current Receivables N/A 7,236,000.00 6,526,000.00
Cash and cash equivalents N/A 3,141,000.00 423,000.00
Cash -459,000.00 3,137,000.00 397,000.00
Noncurrent Assets Or Disposal Groups Classified As Held For Sale N/A 4,160,000.00 0.00
Current Derivative Financial Assets N/A 0.00 N/A
Equity And Liabilities N/A 732,379,000.00 745,642,000.00
Equity 303,050,000.00 380,013,000.00 326,608,000.00
Issued Capital N/A 20,787,000.00 20,787,000.00
Retained Earnings Profit Loss For Reporting Period N/A 77,395,000.00 -5,173,000.00
Share Premium N/A 5,976,000.00 8,000.00
Equity Attributable To Owners Of Parent N/A 378,939,000.00 326,608,000.00
Noncontrolling Interests N/A 1,074,000.00 0.00
Noncurrent Liabilities N/A 191,416,000.00 229,252,000.00
Noncurrent Provisions N/A 0.00 0.00
Other Noncurrent Nonfinancial Liabilities N/A 0.00 0.00
Noncurrent Deposits From Customers N/A 4,368,000.00 4,907,000.00
Noncurrent Portion Of Noncurrent Loans Received N/A 102,920,000.00 137,948,000.00
Noncurrent Portion Of Noncurrent Bonds Issued N/A 0.00 0.00
Noncurrent Portion Of Other Noncurrent Borrowings N/A 84,128,000.00 86,397,000.00
Current Liabilities N/A 160,950,000.00 189,781,000.00
Other Current Financial Liabilities N/A 25,087,000.00 55,217,000.00
Other Current Nonfinancial Liabilities N/A 18,635,000.00 20,905,000.00
Liabilities Included In Disposal Groups Classified As Held For Sale N/A 0.00 0.00
Current Loans Received And Current Portion Of Noncurrent Loans Received N/A 101,588,000.00 109,631,000.00
Current Bonds Issued And Current Portion Of Noncurrent Bonds Issued N/A 11,500,000.00 0.00
Other Current Borrowings And Current Portion Of Other Noncurrent Borrowings N/A 4,140,000.00 4,029,000.00
Line item in (eur) 01.09.2020/
Other Income 251,000.00 100,000.00
Tax Expense Other Than Income Tax Expense 2,477,000.00 2,018,000.00
Other Expense By Nature 169,000.00 3,684,000.00
Profit Loss From Operating Activities 87,014,000.00 4,781,000.00
Finance Income 60,000.00 5,000.00
Finance Costs 10,184,000.00 9,958,000.00
Profit (loss) 76,889,000.00 -5,173,000.00
Profit Loss Attributable To Owners Of Parent 77,395,000.00 -5,173,000.00
Profit Loss Attributable To Noncontrolling Interests -506,000.00 0.00
Line item in (eur) 01.09.2021 01.09.2022
Profit (loss) 76,889,000.00 -5,173,000.00
Adjustments For Losses Gains On Disposal Of Noncurrent Assets -11,041,000.00 157,000.00
Cash Flows From Used In Operating Activities 750,000.00 261,000.00
Cash Flows From Losing Control Of Subsidiaries Or Other Businesses Classified As Investing Activities 0.00 863,000.00
Cash Flows From Used In Investing Activities 69,790,000.00 -7,874,000.00
Proceeds From Borrowings Classified As Financing Activities 14,612,000.00 152,557,000.00
Repayments Of Borrowings Classified As Financing Activities 73,006,000.00 93,809,000.00
Interest Paid Classified As Financing Activities 8,625,000.00 6,718,000.00
Cash Flows From Used In Financing Activities -66,944,000.00 4,873,000.00
Increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents after effect of exchange rate changes 3,597,000.00 -2,741,000.00
Cash and cash equivalents 3,141,000.00 423,000.00

Please note that some sums might not add up.

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