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Company Description

BIKE24 is the one-stop shop for the fast-growing community of cycling enthusiasts, promoting green mobility. Founded in 2002, we have evolved from a specialised online retailer in the cycling sector to one of the leading e-commerce platforms in continental Europe with a focus on the premium segment.

With every complete bike, every pedal and every functional jacket that we sell, we contribute to our customers using their bikes more frequently and thereby travelling more sustainably. Our concept for success not only includes our unique product range in terms of depth and breadth – we also score with our customer-friendly service and lightning-fast shipping. Since many of our team members are enthusiastic bikers themselves, we can also offer our customers top expert advice. All this enables us to address the rapidly growing group of everyday cyclists as well as enthusiastic cycling fans.

Year founded


Served area

Central Europe




Breitscheidstr. 40, 1237 Dresden – Germany


Insider Trades

Date Trading entity / Person Association Trade type Volume Average price
12.08.22 Kindermann, Ralf Supervisory board Buy 33,245.50 € 12.08.22
12.08.22 WAOW entrepreneurship GmbH Close relation Buy 97,078.50 € 12.08.22
12.08.22 DA CAPO Vermögensverwaltung GmbH Close relation Buy 7,027.20 € 12.08.22
12.08.22 DA CAPO Vermögensverwaltung GmbH Close relation Buy 23,418.38 € 12.08.22
12.08.22 Dümmel, Ralf Board Buy 46,561.20 € 12.08.22
28.06.21 Vogel, Rony Supervisory board Buy 37.60 € 28.06.21
25.06.21 Gräf Holding GmbH Close relation Sell 2,000,000.56 € 25.06.21
25.06.21 Steuer, Lioba Close relation Sell 23,422.80 € 25.06.21
25.06.21 Pierer Industrie AG Close relation Other 1,724,687.00 € 25.06.21
24.06.21 Kindermann, Ralf Supervisory board Buy 99,990.00 € 24.06.21
24.06.21 Eichhorst, Sylvio Supervisory board Buy 24,990.00 € 24.06.21
24.06.21 Curtze, Bettina Supervisory board Buy 99,990.00 € 24.06.21

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



June 25, 2021

Stock exchange(s)

Frankfurt Stock Exchange



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