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Imagine a way to see, sense, and share the intangible. Itโ€™s what happens when big data becomes knowledge. When images become insight. And when experiences come to life.

Thatโ€™s what Barco is all about.

In a world where data and rich content are expanding exponentially, we empower you with impressive visualization and innovative collaboration solutions to help you make meaningful connections.

For us, itโ€™s you โ€“ the customer - that counts. We help you achieve your goals, whether itโ€™s protecting the health and safety of millions, creating magical moments, or supporting people to work smarter together.

We help you get the most out of what you do every day. So together, we create brighter outcomes, around the world.

Year founded


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Beneluxpark 21, 8500 Kortrijk, West-Vlaanderen โ€“ Belgium

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Jan. 1, 2000

Stock exchange(s)

Euronext Brussels



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