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Since the time of its foundation back in 1994, and nowadays, «Bank of Baku» Open Joint Stock Company keeps to several fundamental principles of its activities. Bank supports retail business, medium and small entrepreneurs, major corporate customers and pursues the aim of improving the quality of services offered to its customers and clients. Retail sector is the main niche of operations of «Bank of Baku». Dynamics of growth of consumer loans in the country serve as a stimulus for the development of the bank.

«Bank of Baku» acted as a pioneer in introduction of many banking products and services into the local market, as well as in application of the most up to date overseas banking experience. It was «Bank of Baku» who first issued local credit cards allowing their holders to pay for their purchases in instalments, started issuing consumer loans through simplified procedures, found a club for its loyal customers, and developed many other novelties.

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Narimanov area, Ataturk Avenue 42, AZ1069 Baku – Azerbaijan

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Dec. 25, 2014

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Baku Stock Exchange



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