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Automakedonija AD is a North Macedonian dealer of cars and auto parts. The company is part of Macedonia-based Automakedonija Group.

Automakedonia was founded back in 1947 as a company specializing in the automotive industry and is the oldest company in our country with the richest 73-year tradition in the automotive industry.

Today, seven decades later, Automakedonia is still focused on the automotive business.

It is privately owned and organized as a public limited company. The main activities of the company are:

- Sale of cars, trucks and buses,
- Servicing of all types and brands of vehicles on the market,
- sale of spare parts, oils and additives,
- representation of foreign companies,
- Rental of business premises.

Year founded


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Boulevard 2, 16-ta Makedonska Brigada, 1000 Skopje – North Macedonia

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Jan. 1, 2000

Stock exchange(s)

Macedonian Stock Exchange



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