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The company head office is located just beside the waterfront of Ørstafjorden located on the west coast of Norway. The raw material, herring roe, is harvested just a few kilometers from the office.

The Oslo office is located in Oslo Science Park which is Norway’s largest knowledge hub. Arctic Bioscience is a part of the Aleap incubator, Norway’s largest community for health start-ups.

Arctic Bioscience develops products, solutions, and technologies based on bioactive marine compounds that are either kept proprietary or patented. The company is located on the west coast of Norway giving it unique access to the raw material sources and local processing sites. We work closely with selected strategic partners to secure the freshness and quality of our certified raw materials.

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Industrivegen 42, 6155 Ørsta – Norway

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Feb. 24, 2021

Stock exchange(s)

Euronext Oslo



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