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ALTERON REIT is a company with a special investment purpose, which, in accordance with the rules and conditions of the Law on Companies with a Special Investment Purpose (ZDITC), carries out the activity of investing the funds raised by issuing securities in real form real estate (real estate securitization objects). The main investment objective of the Company is to preserve and increase the value of the Shareholders' investments and to generate income based on risk spreading and diversification of the real estate portfolio. The specific investment program for the coming years will be determined depending on the current economic situation and the analyses and expectations of the management of "Alteron" REIT on the development of the real estate market.

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P.K. 9000, bul. Knyaz Boris I, № 7, et. 2, 9000 Varna – Bulgaria

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Sept. 1, 2009

Stock exchange(s)

Bulgarian Stock Exchange



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