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Company Description

Altamir is a Euronext Paris-listed private equity company, created in 1995 as a means to access Apax Partners'​ Investments through the stock market.

It offers a unique exposure to a diversified portfolio of investments managed by private equity firms Apax Partners SAS (Paris) and Apax Partners LLP (London).

Altamir aims to provide shareholders with long-term capital appreciation and regular dividends by: growing NAV per share and outperforming the most relevant indices (LPX Europe and CAC Mid& Small), maintaining a sustainable and attractive dividend policy (2-3% of year-end NAV), reaching a critical mass of €1bn in order to be an essential partner to Apax Partners SAS and Apax Partners LLP and increase the liquidity of the shares.

Altamir's investment strategy relies on Apax: taking majority or lead positions in growth companies with 4 sectors of specialisation (TMT, Consumer, Healthcare, Services), diversified by geography or size.

Year founded


Served area



1 Rue Paul CΓ©zanne, 75008 Paris – France

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Jan. 1, 2020

Stock exchange(s)

Euronext Paris



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