About Acord Grup S.A.

Company Description

“ACORD GRUP” SA currently occupies a leading position in insurance of aviation risks in Moldova, also it’s well known abroad as a reliable partner. The Insurance Society “ACORD GRUP” SA is actively involved in work of professional organizations and associations: Russian Association of Aviation and Space Insurers (RAASI). In 2006, the Insurance Society “ACORD GRUP” SA received a prestigious award, International Award - Europe 2006, for high quality and work efficiency.

During 13 years of existence, “ACORD GRUP” SA has developed methods and concepts of working, that make cooperation with it convenient and profitable.

Year founded


Served area

Republica Moldova


Str. Decebal, 80/1, 2038 Chişinău – Moldova

Filings & Publications

Shareholder information


March 20, 2012

Stock exchange(s)

Moldova Stock Exchange



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