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Company Description

Cereals Bulgaria AD is a joint stock company established on November 26, 2007 through the merger of the following eight companies: Sunrays Bulgaria AD, Sofia (a joint stock company under the Public Offering of Securities Act), Cereals Food Trade AD , Sofia, Bek International AD, Sofia, Cereals - Valchi Dol AD, Sofia, Cereals Balchik EAD, Sofia, Zora AD, Sofia Ruse, "Prima Agrochem" EOOD, Dobrich and "Khimimport Agrochemicals" EOOD, Sofia.

The object of activity of Cereals Bulgaria AD is: purchase of goods or other items for the purpose of sale in original, processed or processed form; sale of goods from own production; production and trade in agricultural products and their derivatives; import and export; commercial representation and intermediation; commissions; forwarding and transport business.

Year founded


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Dec. 17, 2007

Stock exchange(s)

Bulgarian Stock Exchange



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