About Youngtimers AG

Company Description

Youngtimers AG is a Swiss-listed holding company established to own and operate companies that service cars collecting industry and help to facilitate financial investment in collectible cars. Youngtimers AG is built on the premise that $25 billion collectible car space will become among the fastest growing alternative investment markets in the next years to come as the younger generation of consumers enter the trade expanding the collectible car universe, and the wider adoption of tokenization and fractional ownership make investing in cars appealing to a much wider investors' audience. Youngtimers AG is backed by a diverse and committed group of international shareholders and builds the world class market leading financial and investment competences for the collectible cars as an alternative investment product.

Year founded


Served area



Gerbergasse 48, 4001 Basel – Switzerland

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Jan. 1, 1998

Stock exchange(s)

SIX Swiss Exchange



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