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ISIN: FR0010688465 | Ticker: MLWEA | LEI: 9695004EKIERIR4CNU56
Country: France

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Weaccess Group started building satellite fed hotspots in 2004 as a means to bring broadband internet to rural areas deprived of ADSL access.

As of 2005, Weaccess Group started mass deployment in french departments of Var (Gorges du Verdon) and Meuse.

In 2006, France Telecom can provide 2Mb/s copper links anywhere in France, allowing us to switch from satellite feeds to terrestrial ones.

To this date, this copper+wireless solution has been deployed in more than 300 towns in France.

The deployment of AirMAX links since 2007 has been a answer to the problems raised by digital development of territories. Today, the wide radio coverage capabilities of devices, with bandwidths up to 100Mb/s and the great robustness of the wireless link allow us to come with reliable and lasting solutions.

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59 Rue Caroline Herschel, 76800 Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray – France

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