About VRG S.A.

Company Description

VRG S.A. (previous name Vistula Group S.A.) is a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange S.A. since 1993.

VRG S.A. Capital Group specializes in designing and distribution of the high-quality fashion collections for men and women and jewellery. It is the owner of very well-known trademarks in five main lines: Vistula, Bytom, Wólczanka, Deni Cler Milano and W.KRUK. VRG S.A. Capital Group focuses on managing the brands, designing attire and jewellery and development of own sales network in two main sectors (clothing and jewellery).

The core operating activity of the VRG S.A. capital group is currently associated with the development of the following brands:

- Vistula
- Bytom
- Wólczanka
- Deni Cler Milano

Year founded


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Pilotów 10, 31-462 Kraków – Poland

Filings & Publications


Report Q1 H1 Q3 FY
Consolidated Report pl
Corporate Governance Report
Company Presentation
General Presentation
Sustainability Report
Remuneration Report

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Shares outstanding



Sept. 1, 1993

Stock exchange(s)

Warsaw Stock Exchange



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