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VIS SA is the oldest company in the broader field of the packaging industry in Greece, operating since 1936. We provide integrated supply services for packaging in our modern premises in the industrial area of Volos.

VIS SA is the oldest Greek carton board industry.

Known for the quality of its products, it has been operating continuously since 1936 in the Design, Manufacture, and Marketing of Packaging Materials sector. Its activity field is Paper Packaging with two subcategories:
Production of corrugated board and production of carton and other paper packaging end products.

Specifically, the products that VIS designs, produces, and trades are:

- Corrugated cardboard in different fluting (E, B, C, EB, BC).

- Carton boxes and Carton trays for industrial and agricultural products of all kinds.

- Promotional Displays and cardboard stands of all types.

Year founded


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Georgiou Gennimata Ave., 19018 Magoula – Greece

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Aug. 24, 1971

Stock exchange(s)

Athens Stock Exchange



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