About Vidrala S.A.

Company Description

Since 1965, the Vidrala Group has been working to incorporate the latest technological developments into the production of packaging so that it can contribute to society. A successful track record that has made us the benchmark company in the sale and manufacture of glass containers.

We produce more than 8 billion glass containers a year so as to bring us a little closer to the world we want to live in: to be more sustainable, committed, healthy, respectful towards our planet.

Glass is a material that comes from mixing various natural minerals such as soda, silica sand, limestone, and the recycled glass itself. The glass-making process uses furnaces that reach temperatures of 1600°C where these elements fuse together for latter moulding according to the function the glass will fulfil.

Year founded


Served area





CL Barrio Munegazo 22, 1400 Llodio – Spain

Shareholder information

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Jan. 1, 1985

Stock exchange(s)

Euronext Paris



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