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Vianini was founded in 1892 and initially engaged in the production of road tiles. It soon became a public works company as a result of the spread of asphalt and the consequent waning demand for road paving.

Beginning in the 1960s, with the economic boom and the development of infrastructure investment in the country, manufacturing of waterworks pipes, electricity poles and concrete railroad sleepers became predominant.

In recent times, as the demand for these semi-finished products waned, Vianini changed its skin again and gave itself a new mission by turning to the real estate sector.

In 2016, in view of the gradual increase in demand for housing, especially in large cities, the company acquired Domus Italia, which held a portfolio of about 2,000 new real estate units that, due to their technical characteristics, were particularly compatible with the type of demand developing in the market.

At the same time, Vianini is divesting the industrial business.

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Via Barberini 47, 00187 Roma – Italy

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March 24, 1995

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Borsa Italiana



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