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UVGERMI is a leading player in UV technology for air, water and surface depollution.

In 1979, the first Bordas Bobinage company created by André Bordas was specialised in the manufacture of electrical equipment for industry. In 1990, André Bordas created Bordas SARL. It mainly distributed industrial and electronic supplies for pumping, irrigation, swimming pool cleaning and water treatment. André Bordas was however convinced of the potential of UV technology and decided to go further. In 1995, in response to a call for tenders launched by the Corrèze Chamber of Agriculture, he manufactured his first eleven UV treatment reactors for greenhouse water purification. He delivered ten UV reactors to the Chamber of Agriculture and displayed the last one in his store in Objat. His goal is to get his new treatment unit known.

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Zone d'aménagement concerté de la Nau, 19240 Saint-Viance – France

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July 21, 2017

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Euronext Paris



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