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UmweltBank combines finance with ecological and social responsibility. In 25 years, we have financed around 25,000 environmental projects, from wooden houses to solar parks. With no other bank does your money have such an environmentally friendly effect as with us.

In 1994, Sabine and Horst P. Popp had an idea that was revolutionary by the standards of the time: to establish a bank that combines ecology with economy and is committed to the future of our children. The idea became reality: after intensive preparations, Germany's first green bank shares were issued in 1995 - with lasting success. At the beginning of 1997, UmweltBank received the coveted full banking license, and just one and a half years later the first dividend was distributed. The bank's growth momentum continued in the years that followed. So the courage to face the future has paid off - for everyone.

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Sept. 2, 2000

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange



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